Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend with R

As the title implies, I spent the entire weekend with R.  I didn't mean to, necessarily, but it was so easy to do so, and I didn't care to do otherwise.  Or at least, I didn't have any plans with any other guys, so I didn't have to figure out a way to get rid of R.  It started on Friday night.  I went to dinner with Monkey, and after he left, I decided I wanted some attention.  I actually called The Flipflopper first, especially because he had texted me while I was at dinner with Monkey.  I figured he'd be delighted to see me, but he didn't pick up.  I didn't wait for him to call me back.  I texted R to see if he was still up, and he was, and I told him I was coming over. 

I spent the night with R, and we slept in, which is a precious rarity with me.  He had to work, so I took him, after stopping to get donuts for his co-workers.  I was a little peeved that, here I was shuttling him around, and he didn't even offer to buy my a donut.  When we got back to the car, he offered for me to have one of the donuts he had purchased.  Whatever.  

While he was at work, I went home and showered and then went to the Local Motors open house and car show.  I was surprised that they were charging money, they hadn't done that at previous open houses.  One of the first cars I saw was a Lotus, and I took a closer look.  I read the paper inside, and it happened to have written on it the name of one of my ex's closest friends.  Not that I've ever had a serious interest in him, but for the sake of my stories, I'll call him Goldfinger.  I looked around, and within seconds, I spotted Goldfinger and walked up to greet him.  We chatted a bit, and he told me to go check out the EV on the lot that had a little hamster spinning a wheel, as if that was powering the car.  I agreed that would be hilarious and went in search of it.  After waiting for a short eternity at the food truck, I ate my sandwich and went to chat with Goldfinger and his buddies for a bit.  

Then I headed over to Desert Eagle Brewing Company; I had been meaning to try their Blk Cherry Blonde that was just released.  As I drove over, I wondered if Goldfinger would ever hit on me.  My ex's previous girlfriend had married Goldfinger after she and my ex broke up, and Goldfinger quickly divorced her when he realized she was a gold digger.  I had met Goldfinger prior to my ex and I actually dating, and he had come on to me pretty strong then.  His persistence turned me off, and I thought he looked a bit like a troll.  Still, there was evidence that he was desperate for someone to love and I was right up his alley.  So it only seemed natural that, as I was back on the market, Goldfinger should try to pursue me again.  I wouldn't let it get too far, I decided, but I might let him take me out somewhere fancy once or twice, just to see what it was like; and I'd be totally honest about it with him, because that's my style.  

To my dismay, Desert Eagle had already run out of the Blk Cherry Blonde, but several of them informed me that they had some more brewing right now and it would be ready within a week.  So I ordered a Red Mountain Ale, followed by a Pomegranate Wheat.  I wasn't really sure what the gameplan was, at this point.  I was pretty much killing time until something demanded my attention.  Right on time, R demanded my attention, and I was toying with him a bit via text.  Meanwhile, my server asked me if I wanted to try the Blk Cherry Blonde.  I said I definitely would be back to try it, and she replied, "No, they found a keg of it.  It's getting hooked up right now."  I was astounded.  "You FOUND a keg?"  Was she just pulling my leg?  "Yeah, Chris found it."  "Well tell Chris he is my hero and I love him."  I got a sample of it, but was feeling the alcohol at this point, and I wanted to go get R so I dared not have a whole one.  In fact, I was still starring at half a glass of my Pomegranate Wheat, trying to figure out how I could finish it without being too drunk to drive.  I closed out my tab, and resolved to chug the last bit of my beer so that it wouldn't hit me until I got back to R's work.  There, I hopped out of the car and told him he should drive since I was tipsy.  

I had intended to go back to Desert Eagle that night, but we never made it.  We went grocery shopping and went to dinner and then to swing dance.  Swing dance, of course, was awesome as it had been before, being his date and all.  Mr. Suave showed up too, and made some comment about R being up to his old tricks again.  I didn't bother to tell Mr. Suave about my relationship with R; it was funnier to keep him guessing.  R kissed me a couple times throughout the night, and I kept wondering if Mr. Suave saw; not because I like him or anything, just because I wanted to see his reaction.  But I don't think he ever noticed.  

After swing dance, about 40 or 50 of us went to In 'n Out and "lindy bombed" the place, meaning someone started playing music and we all got up to swing dance, like a flash mob but not nearly as intense.  We were recorded by dozens of cell phone cameras, and most of the innocent bystanders seemed to enjoy it.  After a long night of dancing, R and I were both exhausted, and I thought it would be better if I took him home and parted ways with him, but that just didn't happen.  We crashed at my place, because I had a coworker coming over in the morning to do some glass etching with me.  

Irene showed up right at 9 and I showed her around my place, then let her know that R had spent the night and may come out if he ever woke up.  Then we got to work with our chemical etching on the snifter glasses for her friends' upcoming birthdays.  We needed some more stencils, so at 10 we were going to go to Michael's.  I went to the bedroom just before we left and let R know we'd be back; he was cuddling with my dog, who is normally very skidding about new people.  He said he'd come out when we returned from Michael's.  We found some really nice stencils, and got back much later than expected.  R had been trying to turn TVs on and was stumped by my big TV.  I helped him out, and then Irene and I got back to work.  I ordered Jimmy John's, and the three of us chatted and worked on our etching until about 2 pm.  It was interesting to see R and Irene in the same room; it was kind of an experiment for me to see how R was with other people around.  I liked him even better, and couldn't wait for Irene to leave so I could have him back to myself.  

After Irene left, we headed back to the brewery in hopes of having my Blk Cherry Blonde.  They had apparently had their biggest night since opening Saturday night, and thus, were out of that and my Pomegranate Wheat.  I mourned and then ordered the Roman Eagle Pale Ale.  It was pretty tasty, I guess as good as disappointment can taste.  R ordered one of the many IPAs.  There was a blue grass band playing, and the one couple dancing was doing mostly country steps but threw in some east coast swing from time to time, which made me want to dance.  

We grabbed some dinner at Greek Pita, and then headed back to the brewery because R was interested in seeing the local blues musician playing that night.  We got great seats right by the band, and ordered another round of beer.  Before long, we were out of our seats dancing swing or some semblance of it, as R saw fit to lead, and had a great time.  Then I was talking to the head brewer, and expressing my disappointment in once again missing the Blk Cherry Blonde, and he said he had found ANOTHER keg of it.  Seriously?  Well, hook me up then, I insisted, and he did.  I finally got to enjoy my tall glass of Blk Cherry Blonde, and it was delicious.  I talked to the people sitting by me; they were from Chicago and visiting for the spring training.  R was talking to the girl next to him, who only dated men over 40 apparently.  All of us danced at various times, but I think R and I were showing off, and I liked it.  

You'd think after all that, I'd be willing to get rid of R for the night.  He isn't as smart as he thinks he is, his sense of humorous is atrocious and drives me up the wall, he comes on to me too much, he smothers me, he adores me, but still - something about him feels right.  I let him spend another night at my place before starting the work week.  At lunch, I chatted with my coworker about the weekend and about R, and she kept telling me I was crazy for even considering him.  But you know, there's something to be said about the kind of company he provides, and its the kind of thing I lacked in my most recent relationship and its the kind of thing I want.  I am working really hard at not moving too fast with him, but it would be so easy for me to invite him to live with me and try to fast forward to my happy ever after.  

The Flipflopper called at 2:30 am. I didn't answer.  

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