Friday, March 8, 2013

Theme Songs

I am curious if anybody else does this.  I really enjoy music, mostly Broadway musicals and pop / alternative rock type music.  For all the men in my life, I assign them some song that I happen to like at the time.  One of my ex-'s from a long time ago got a tattoo over his chest after we broke up, so his song had something about a mark on his chest in it.  A more recent ex- was assigned the Adele song, "Someone Like You" because he broke my heart and I didn't understand it.  The way its sung in my head, I'm the one singing, "Nevermind I'll find someone like you," then he'd sing "I wish nothing but the best for you," and so on back and forth.  It's different than how Adele wrote it, but it still worked.  What's really odd, I think, is that I can gage how "over" the guy is by my ability to sing along with the song without crying.  As long as it makes me cry, I'm not ready to move on, but once I can get through it without tearing up, I'm okay.  

My most recent ex- gets the song "We Are Young" because we used to drink a lot together and all I want from him is for him to take me back and for me to just fall into his arms again.  But it's not just ex's that get songs assigned to them.  In fact, while we were dating, he had a different song: "The Way I Am", and I always imagined me singing the first and third verses, and the second verse was him singing to me, because it's about curing headaches and keeping the other person warm, which was fitting while we were together.  And currently, Excuses gets the song "Overjoyed" because that's how I feel when I'm with him, when he actually makes it and doesn't make an excuse, that is.  Maybe it'll change if I ever decide I dislike him, but that song will still always be his.  Even though the gender roles are wrong, "Mermaid" is my song for The Flipflopper, because our relationship always feels like two ships colliding, always accidental.  

On a funnier note, Fidgets informed me that he is going to Mardi Gras, asked me to go out with him again, and then told me to stop texting him because he has other priorities and I'm interrupting him, and he hopes he understands.  I guess that means he's breaking up with me for the third time now?  I'm going to assign him the theme song, "Bye, Bye, Bye", unless someone can think of a better one.  Obviously, I don't care that much for him or he would have had a more meaningful song.  

So I'm throwing it out there for you, my readers.  Do you have specific songs that remind you of a love or past love of your life?  Do you have your own theme song?  Let me know, I want to hear about it (and maybe determine I'm not alone in this, or maybe I am).  

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