Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello World!

This being my inaugural personal blog, I suppose I should start out by introducing myself.  I'm Laura, I will deny being any older than 27, I have recently found myself single again, and I love my life.  I have an ambitious 150-item life list, of which I have accomplished 24 of those feats to date, and plan to accomplish many more in the coming year.  

I grew up in the Chicago area, and now live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, and most of my family lives in Tucson.  I have traveled to Japan for a study abroad summer program and to China twice, once with my kenpo group and once with my MBA class.  If I was a millionaire, I would travel much, much more; in my opinion, money is never wasted when it is spent on travel. Travel is, to me, the best investment in yourself, because you garner so much experience, funny and inspirational stories, and treasured memories.  But alas, I am merely a supply chain professional making enough money to pay my bills and live comfortably, so travel is a luxury I can only do on occasion.  

I have plenty of other interests, many much less expensive, which you'll learn about as you read on. I won't attempt to list them all here (and I'm sure I'd forget half a dozen if I tried).  Instead, suffice it to say that I keep myself busy, often to the point that I am asked, "How do you it do it all?" or "How much sleep do you get?", to which I answer, "It's easy if you love what you're doing," and "Not enough," respectively.  

I love writing, and have been known for my rants on facebook or published articles on various websites, and it's probably long overdue for me to start my blog.  That being said, I will probably populate a couple blog posts with previous rants if facebook's Timeline allows me to find them in a reasonable amount of time.  I thank you for checking out my blog, and would ask that if you see something you like, that you tell me about it, share it with friends, and/or follow me.  Enjoy!

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