Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Recipes (Sorta) For the Non-cook

As most of my friends know, I full-out cook maybe once a year, and otherwise, I prefer to eat out or do very easy meals like a salad, cheese toast or quesadilla. Thus, my pinterest board on my favorite recipes is pretty naked. What's worse, my best recipe isn't published on the web to my knowledge. So I thought I'd spend some time posting my recipes, which are really more like work instructions or tricks to make good food easily. 

Grilled quesadilla
The microwave used to be my favorite appliance in the kitchen, but after my first quesadilla made on the George Foreman Grill, I was converted. I use the George Foreman for meats usually, but quesadillas made on the grill are fantastic! I like to add diced jalapenos or chicken, but you can really throw in a large variety of things like onions or even ground beef.

Cheese toast
Another nifty appliance is the toaster oven. I use it to make what my ex- called cheese toast hot. I never understood why the hot wasn't implied, but I usually just call it cheese toast. I use fresh sour dough, and mix it up with the cheeses, from Habenero cheese to aged cheddar.

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