Monday, October 21, 2013

MarsOne Motivational Letter

I recently threw my hat in for a one way ticket to Mars, via the MarsOne application.  As part of the application process, we were required to submit a wordcount-limited motivation letter.  I thought I'd share mine.  It was intentionally a little silly, to show off my sense of humor, as well as self-promoting.

    I love traveling and experiencing new things; Mars is the ultimate destination.  I'm allergic to most places on Earth, so I'm sure the Mars atmosphere will suit me.  I love the color red.
    When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an artist, gymnast, writer and astronaut.  My eclectic variety of interests is unmatched.  I'd imagine most applicants are more focused on getting to Mars; they are probably space geeks through and through, and I adore that type very much. I urge you, however, to consider someone of a diverse background, like myself. My knowledge and experience in so many different areas enables me to pull together solutions that other, more specialized people, don't see.  I'm sure the people of Earth will want to know about life on Mars, so you would want to have a creative person to share her story.  I am that person; my followers on facebook say they live vicariously through me.
    An endeavor like the Mars mission is going to require people who can balance innovative engineering with the spirit of adventure.  It's going to take talent of all kinds, and challenge people like never before.  I don't care how mentally stable those people are when they leave Earth, these trials are unprecedented and certain to wear down even the strongest of willpowers.  Empathizers will be needed to help the crew stay sane and ensure they don't kill each other before arriving or shortly thereafter on the red planet.  I think astronaut ice cream is tasty.
    Pick me.


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