Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Could Have Fallen in Love

Shortly after my most recent break up, which feels like a long time ago now, I was single and looking for how I would start my new year with a fresh start.  Here's the story I wrote on New Year's.

New Year's Eve had so much potential to suck, and it ended up going in the completely opposite direction. I don't think I could have planned a better evening. Monkey and I were just going to go to dinner, and I was preparing myself to take a bath and call it a night early. He came and picked me up and we went to Freddy's. We talked and talked and talked, and it turned out he didn't necessarily have to work that night, he just had to have something done before 7 am. We talked about getting beer from my place and going to his place so he could do his work, but we ended up just going to a bar. It was really early, but we started drinking. The bar filled up gradually, and we just sat and drank and talked. 

There are times that Monkey bores me to death and I can barely stand to be with him, last night was not one of those nights. He was making me laugh, and we talked about some of the funny drama and silly memories we've shared. We talked about doing a ski trip, learning to surf in San Diego, and getting a bunch of people together to go to Vegas again. I love planning events, so it just made me so happy to feel inspired and see Monkey's enthusiasm. He was also very generous, buying all my drinks and refusing to let me pay. We got a bottle of champagne and I shared it with some rando's near us. 

He kissed me for New Year's, and we drank our champagne. The night could have ended there and it would have been amazing. But Monkey randomly decided we should go dancing, so we went over to the dance floor and danced a little. He got kicked off the dance floor because he had a drink, even though there were women on the dance floor with drinks in their hands. It was so dumb, and we were just laughing about it. We decided to take a cab back to my place and leave his car there. I was really drunk and tired at this point, so we went to bed.  

When we woke up early the next morning, I drove him back to his car so he could go home. Everything about the night was perfect, and I will never forget it. Today's hang over might be the best hang over ever, because I know it was the result of someone caring about me and taking care of me when I was down. 

I won't say that he saved me or that I expect our relationship to become anything more than a friendship. It's just that after all the time I've spent being in limbo with my now ex-, and not being able to make plans, Monkey gave me reassurance that life goes on, not by saying it but by planning things with me. It made me feel worlds better about 2013 and about being single again.

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